TikTok has dominated the world since its debut in 2016 and is still expanding quickly. Similar to other social media networking sites, TikTok is a fantastic software for brand promotion.

This platform has more than 600 million users every month and has recently experienced significant growth. TikTok generated $540 million in revenue in 2020, which was the most of any app.

The primary unique characteristic that distinguishes TikTok from its rivals is that it is a platform used mostly for sharing 15-second to 1-minute length videos. Because of this, it is a really addictive platform that can keep viewers interested for a very long time.

This makes it a platform where you can use all of your creativity to produce engaging short videos and grab viewers’ attention. There are numerous strategies to accomplish this, and we are going to discuss with you the top 5. TikTok business promotion.

Presence on TikTok

It can be challenging to stand out and create your presence on TikTok given the enormous audience that is available.

These websites sell real engagement, preventing you from purchasing fraudulent ones that wouldn’t result in any real progress. The same websites also let you purchase TikTok views and likes.

This helps to enhance your account and raises viewership of your videos. Your target audience will notice that your videos have a lot of engagement and become interested in checking you out further, which aids in your organic growth.

Do not purchase an excessive amount of views, followers, or likes. Overspending on purchases can hurt your brand and account. Viewers who independently locate your films should be the ones who engage with them the most.

Engage Influencers on TikTok

One can observe a significant influx of influencers from all over the world as social media platforms develop. Influencers are well-known figures on social media who are knowledgeable about a certain subject and impart that knowledge to their followers.

Additionally, these influencers support businesses in their sphere of expertise and sector. Ask these influencers to work with you if they have a large following and are associated with your sector. You can accomplish this by sponsoring a handful of their films, for example.

By doing this, they promote your company on their films, which encourages more people to learn about it and follow you on TikTok. The influencer benefits as well since they secure a sponsor.

Hashtag Competitions

The topic of hashtag challenges is one that is frequently seen on TikTok. The way this works is that a particular influencer, brand, or person launches a challenge using a hashtag. A hashtag helps you quickly obtain a large number of followers.

Similar to how trends operate across platforms, this operates. A brand, influencer, or person issues a hashtag challenge in which they instruct their viewers and followers to carry out a certain action. Those who want to take part in the challenge should share the hashtag along with a video of themselves completing the challenge.

As a result, the challenge spreads across the platform, promoting your business in the process.

Takeovers of brands

As soon as a user launches the app, TikTok’s marketing feature enables advertisers to temporarily “take over” the app’s full screen. These are 3 to 5 second movies, images, or GIFs that promote your business while including a link to the location you want your audience to visit, like a landing page or your website.

This is another approach to promote your hashtag challenge. Due to the fact that these takeovers are visible as soon as a user starts the app, they are constantly reminded of them.

Given that TikTok has over 20 million active daily viewers from around the world, the advertisement is up for the entire day, giving you a ton of exposure.

Develop a branded lenses

TikTok, a platform for sharing videos, features a variety of filters and lenses that allow users to add distinctive effects to their films. Additionally, it offers a capability for brand marketing that enables businesses to design unique lenses that viewers can utilize.

People who use your lenses consequently let their viewers and followers know about your company. Making engaging and appealing lenses is a terrific approach to market your business and get more people to watch your videos.

Utilize the lenses in conjunction with your goods and services to give them a taste of what it’s like to utilize them.

TikTok has a lot of potential to increase brand awareness and consumer appeal. More people can view your material because videos from this platform are also shared on other social media networks.

It’s a great software to experiment with, and by doing so, you can expand your business. Here, information about challenges and lenses spreads quickly, and your videos can even go viral!